Hard water? Try the new Solavite water softener. Installs in an hour for whole-house soft water. Economical. Inexpensive. No additional mineral salts in your water. No chemicals. No moving parts. The Healthy Alternative to avoid excessive mineral salts in your water.



Solavite - The No-Salt Solution for Hard Water
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The Solavite Solution for Hard Water System was approved in 2012 by the FDA though it has been widely used in Brazil and other countries for years. It's purpose is the prevention of the formation of mineral deposits (scales and encrustations) in pipes and fixtures and the removal of existing deposits without causing corrosion. The Solavite Solution for Hard Water can be used in boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, compressors, plants (factories), homes, buildings, entire city, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more!

Solavite does not add anything to nor take anything from the liquids.

Solavite is a very unique physical catalyst. It changes the magnetic properties of the minerals in the liquid in such a manner that they are repelled from each other and from the walls of the pipes and fixtures. This prevents the formation of scales and removes those which are existing.

Solavite does not require an external energy source. It is entirely self-contained.

Solavite treatment can be applied to systems which handle a trickle of flow or to a city's entire water system, and everything in between.

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My plumber installed the Solavite Solution for Hard Water on the main water line going into my house and made sure it was pointing north. The pipes were full of scale and mineral deposits. Yuck! I had the plumber open the pipe after a few days and my water pipes were clean! - Christy

I told my employer about the Solavite Industrial water unit and they agreed to install it in my building, which is at least 30 years old. After it was installed, black water came out of the faucets for a few minutes. Then, yellow musty water came out. Then, after several minutes, there was clear water. Everyone is talking about our good water now! The maintenance men are especially pleased! - Loretta

I'm a diabetic. After only two days using the PC-1, I now have bladder control! - Ty

I had pain on the bottom of my feet for several years and after two weeks, using the PC-1, my foot pain is hardly there anymore! - Carl

When I took a shower, my water smelled like a swimming pool - it had a strong chlorine smell. After installing the Solavite house water system, I don't smell the chlorine! Now, I use water out of the tap to make the morning coffee! And my wife can't tell the difference! - Will

I have had bronchititus for several weeks. My son brought me the PC-2 to try. I tied a string on it and wore it around my neck letting the copper cylinder hang near my chest. In one week, I was feeling better. My lungs started draining off the fluid. - Lorene

I have had high blood pressure for 20 years and I monitor it every day. After drinking the PC-1 for a week, my blood pressure has come down. I am expecting it to come down even further. - Tim

My wife had a skin disease, which caused her skin to tighten and draw up. My daughter has it also and never has a good day and she feels bad every day. After drinking the water in the PC-1, my daughter told me that she felt better! Those words were so good to hear. She is continuing to drink use the PC-1. - Jerry

I had a bad toothache. I rubbed the PC-3 on my cheek for 10-15 minutes and the toothache went away! - Pete

I have pancreatitis and have had so much stomach pain. I purchased a PC-1 and started drinking the water. After a few days, I had really bad stomach pain one evening but my husband told me to keep drinking the water. THe next day, I felt so much better. After several days on the PC-1, my pain has greatly diminished! - M.J.

I am the maintenance head at a well-known bank. After I heard about the Solavite treatment system from a friend, I realized that this was the answer to reducing the purchase of chemicals for the water in the cooling towers and reducing build up. We purchased the industrial unit and we are so pleased that the scale and mineral deposits have gone and we do not need to add additional chemicals. Our employees are happy too! - Jim

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